I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't want love. Or to be loved.

Yes, we all want it... we all always say that we want to love and be loved, don't we? We love to hear someone say "I love you."

That makes us feel so good, so special, doesn't it?

So happy too!


But, it seems we all have some confusion about what it really means.

When you say "I love my boyfriend" and in the same sentence you say "I love my iphone too" that shows us you have some confusion about what love really means.


What exactly do we mean... what exactly is love?


In this website we're not talking about our attractions and addictions to material things.

We also are not talking specifically about romantic love, or sexual love, or family love or community/country love. We're talking about the foundation of all that...

We're talking about BasicHumanLove™ (BHL).


We define basic human love as the following:



When our love, our basichumanlove is high, when it is elevated, we have less fear- less fear in our life, less fear in our relationships, less fear in our actions, less fear in our communication with others. Less fear about how we look, what other people think about us. Less fear if we are going to get rich or not. Less fear about our relationship with our self, and with others.

In short, our life becomes more successful, richer, enriched, more positive.

When our basic human love is weak, we have more fear, more doubt, more miscommunication and more failures. We become impoverished, poor, needy, helpless, stressed out. Doubt and fear become a constant part of our life. We become more negative about ourselves and others too. Sometimes, disgustingly negative.


This website and the resources you will find here are here to help you clarify for yourself, and help you grow, your basic human love.


Each of us, everyone is born with basic human love. It doesn't matter if you are Chinese, American, European, Japanese, Asia, African. We all have it...we're born with it.


We are going to try to help you understand it more... Not like a doctor would do, or some expert would do, but just like someone with common sense would do.


Welcome to basichumanlove.com

We hope you enjoy and come back often!

Updated frequently.



BasicHumanLove.com IS HERE.

"Is there anybody who doesn't want some basic human love?

Anyone Who doesn't need some?"

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From China with love.